KitchenHub is partnering with ChowHow!

KitchenHub is partnering with ChowHow!

ChowNow is commission-free online ordering system and food ordering app that offers a wide range of other services to customers, including comprehensive training, an ongoing marketing strategy, and 24/7 support.

Together with KitchenHub application restaurants have an opportunity to simplify online ordering by aggregating orders and menus from multiple deliveries and website into a single app.

The restaurant is relieved from most manual labour involved with managing delivery app orders, while customers benefit by having their meals delivered even faster.

Such partnership can help restaurateurs manage delivery operations during peak times, slow periods, and unexpected surges - a key perk amid the industry's labor shortage.

Andrew Mazowka, co-founder and CEO at KitchenHub says:

“Prioritize customer satisfaction in the food delivery industry despite the number of challenges standing in the middle. You can attain this miracle when you look for an online food delivery app and get everything done from your end quickly. This makes you at ease the whole day, and you will certainly increase the revenue and customer engagement in the process.

Our partnership with ChowNow is about new business opportunities. We enable smooth, efficient handling of online orders. An order placed by the customer using a delivery app does not have to be re-entered manually and the kitchen can have everything ready when the delivery courier arrives.”

We also work every day to add new services and partners. Stay tuned for updates on our website or make a request for missing integration.

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