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Sell more online by doing less with intuitive KitchenHub application

Supercharge your operation
Kitchenhub ordering app
  • Forget about the mess with multiple tablets, emails and faxes
    All providers in one place.
  • Say goodbye to human mistakes
    Now orders are printed with one click or even automatically.
  • No need to re-enter orders to POS
    Orders go to the kitchen printer directly.
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Unlock your online sales growth
Slaes growth
  • Launch new virtual concepts
    Create your own virtual concept or try the one from our partners. And receive orders on the same tablet.
  • Optimize your online menu
    Follow our recommendations how to improve online menu and improve listing of your restaurant in 3rd party stores and grow your sales up to 30%.
  • Add new sales channels without efforts
    We help restaurants to place their store on different platforms.
Get more loyal customers
Get more loyal customers
  • Direct ordering for regulars
    People love you restaurant? You can place a  shopping card widget on your Website, Instagram account or Google Maps. And convert visitors to the shoppers.
  • Turn 3rd party users into your customers
    We build a loyalty program that helps you move your customers from expensive channels to direct ordering with no commissions.
  • Own information about your customers
    Use information about your customers into a powerful marketing engine that brings back customers to your store.
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Sell on Social media

Inspire new shoppers and
loyal customers
Grow brand and product awareness with posts and hashtags.
A fully integrated
Facebook ordering
Customers can easily browse your products and collections using the new, always visible order section on your Facebook Page.
Make any Instagram post or story of a shopping experience
Quickly set up your account and sell via all delivery apps

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