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We are passionate about food tech as much you are about your business

We’re a young but very ambitious software company and our goal is to develop a 1st class application for food delivery to scale-up activity in United States and Canada markets across.

Hi, from CEO

Kitchenhub was founded in 2019 with the mission to simplify the delivery process. We want to help businesses of all sizes with their online multi-channels by automating their operation, solving their biggest operational pain points. We want to empower restaurants with technology to set up online food ordering, connecting them to their customers.
Andrew Mazowka,  CEO

Our Mission

Become an irreplaceable partner in any size food business


Soon after the launch, the company started to see an exceptionally high demand coming from virtual kitchens, so the founders decided to tailor their solution to best serve virtual concepts and ghost kitchens since they believe that this is the future of the ever-evolving restaurant industry.

Dealing with multiple delivery services while also trying to manage various virtual restaurant brands can easily overwhelm any company. Kitchenhub assists restaurants in organizing their online food sales through various delivery services, including the industry leaders GH, UE, DD, as well as a restaurant's own website.

We simplify the order management process, no matter how many virtual concepts are operating in the same kitchen.

Our team believes that the virtual and ghost concepts are the future of the restaurant industry and is dedicated to helping them maximize their effectiveness and the bottomlines.

Year to Year Clients Grow.
Virtual brands connection
Orders processing in hour

Why KitchenHub


We turn our clients' problems into advantages. Delivery of ever-improving value to customers and stakeholders. Improvement of overall organizational effectiveness.


Choosing strong partners, we make an excellent product. Working together, we achieve our goals very fast.


We are trusted with very valuable information that affects the business, so we take care of our clients as if we were ourselves. Trust is the foundation of reputation

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