Video Quality Assurance Platform

Video Quality Assurance Platform

An advanced Video Quality Assurance Platform that monitors food preparation and assembly interactions providing previously unavailable impactful analytics. Gritsee has created a most meaningful QA platform exclusively for the food & beverage industry.

The rising costs of goods and the spike in inflation will put a BIG focus on the efficiencies of menus and recipes. Here are so many uses-cases like being able to retrieve bias refunds from third-party platforms. You could even search for your prepared items by customer name too! Gritsee increases ratings and enhances your staff training development, which helps minimize losses.    

How it works?  

KitchenHub aggregates orders from dozens of third-party services like UberEats, GrubHub, DoorDash, Postmates, and others, controls the receipt of orders, the correct transfer, and execution of orders in the kitchen simplifies menu management. Gritsee fights chargebacks and order cancellation to minimize losses.    

Find out more about KitchenHub & Gritsees’ joint partnership to increase awareness within your kitchen and help protect your hard-earned money!

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