Tablet with KitchenHub Ordering  app

You can control orders, regardless of how to do this manually or automatically. Make a crystal clear overview of your online sales from one tablet.
KitchenHub kitchen display system

Affordable pricing for everyone

All orders in one place

Clear space on your counter, put all your tablets in the hutch
Integration with all popular delivery services
​​100% service reliability
You can accept orders manually or automatically
Setting the cooking time for each order individually
Sound and visual alerting won't let you miss new orders
Contact info for couriers and customers
Kitchenhub order view

Cut down operation costs

Orders are sending to your kitchen automatically. So, you no longer need to transfer orders into the POS system manually.
Dispatching items printing on different prep stations
Two types of tickets: for kitchen, and customers
Manual tickets reprinting if you need it
Audience Snapshot
Unique Visitors
View Report

Control your online presence

Manage your restaurant's visibility from a central spot.
Check your online status for all platforms
86 for menu items
Sync open hours and closing days
Immediate turning sales on delivery platforms on, or off
Kitchenhub providers management

Virtual stores

Use as many virtual brands or stores as you want in your  location. You can easily manage them with main store.
Orders and menu management for multiple stores from a single place
Orders for all virtual brands are coming to one screen
Preparation instructions to keep quality of food consistent
Kitchenhub store management

Do you want to know how it’s all controlled from the back office?

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“Excellent service, glad I'm with KitchenHub. Always willing to help, thank you guys”
Guilder M

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