DelivApp Integrates With KitchenHub

DelivApp Integrates With KitchenHub

Thanks to the integration, DelivApp’s customers will be able to automatically receive their self-delivery orders from Uber, DoorDash, GrubHub and other third-party delivery apps directly into the DelivApp dashboard. From there, they can automatically dispatch and deliver those orders using their own fleet powered by DelivApp.

Today, third-party platforms increasingly split their marketplace and delivery services, offering merchants who opt for self-delivery, smaller commissions. While this may seem an attractive option, many merchants face the fact that self-deliveries are hard to execute, especially at the level the platforms’ customers expect. 


“While restaurants may succeed saving money on paper, doing self-deliveries in the real world creates a lot of friction that leads to mistakes and delays. - Explains Yan Zagatsky, DelivApp’s co-founder and CEO, and a former restaurant investor. - So if you want to succeed for real, over time, you need proper technology to manage the process. Once DelivApp is introduced into the flow, self-delivery orders (pushed to us by KitchenHub) smoothly run through our system: they are dispatched and delivered on time just as customers expect. And when customers are happy with deliveries, they come back again and again.”

“Restaurants rely on technology to ensure growth and relevance, - says Andrew Mazowka the CEO and co-founder of KitchenHub. - However, as illustrated in recent market trends, not all tech stacks can keep up with the challenging pace of evolving consumer demands. Hence the need for digital transformation. Great combination of seamless order management from KitchenHub and the ability to save costs on self-delivery and improve the quality of delivery with DelivApp meets all modern market requirements.'’


The DelivApp - KitchenHub integration is currently available for the USA, Сanada, Australia and the UK. 


About DelivApp


DelivApp is a SaaS for managing on-demand food deliveries. Headquartered in Israel, DelivApp serves restaurants and delivery fleets globally, providing them with a dispatcher’s dashboard, merchant portal and app, courier app, and consumer tracking link.

About KitchenHub 

KitchenHub is a SaaS for orders and menu management from multiple 3-rd and 1-st party marketplaces. Headquartered in the US, we provide our services worldwide. At KitchenHub, we get a birds-eye view of all your orders in one place. We officially collect and provide data through programmatic and APIs. We aggregate all  orders instantly, and control data accuracy, and clarity. 

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