Address Operational Challenges with Real-World Data

Control ready orders with Gritsee AI software and Get orders from UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub, and many more with KitchenHub solution.
Gritsee with revolutionary software helps unique food brands make sure their food reaches the right customers, the right way.

Gritsee is already working with ghost kitchen & virtual restaurants

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A great combination of technologies. KitchenHub aggregates orders from dozens of third-party services like UberEats, GrubHub, DoorDash, Postmates, and others, controls the receipt of orders, the correct transfer, and execution of orders in the kitchen simplifies menu management. Gritsee fights Chargebacks and order cancellation to minimize losses.
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Operational Challenges solutions

Labor Challenges

Everything is going remote! Save your managers time by letting them do observations and analysis from anywhere. Trim down on labor time while improving performance by identifying problem areas.

Reviews & Refunds

Reviews today matter more than ever. Also, $100s of dollars per week are refunded that you shouldn’t pay. Don’t guess why – our auditable data keeps you in the driver’s seat and lets you fight undue refunds from delivery companies or remediate bad reviews.

Process Optimization

Use our powerful video search which is optimized for large amounts of processes, orders, and menu items. Find issues by menu or brand, and send links to specific orders to staff and others.

Integration Features

Embedded video

Video control
Could storage
AI-based vision

Accepting orders

Prep time setup

86 items

Disable for short perioI
Infinite disable

Advanced order management

Orders upcharge
Cancel order


Common sales reports
Items sales

Delivery info

Courier info
Delivery address

Menu editing

Change name and description
Change prices

Gritsee is already working with large ghost kitchen & virtual restaurant companies, multi-brand restaurant holding companies, and other last-mile businesses.

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