We have increased the business by 30% due to KitchenHub

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KitchenHub helps us reduce the time we spend on preparing orders
Mr. Nadir Dural

This is BAGELS N' CREAM bagel's deli shop. Located in the same place for over 21 years, Robbinsville, New Jersey. Specializes in serving breakfast and lunch as well as hot grill specialties throughout the day. From bacon, pork roll, sausage egg, and cheese specialties to Reuben's, omelets, gyros, burgers, hoagies, cold tuna, chicken egg sandwiches to any custom orders preparations to the selective customers we are the top-rated bagel deli restaurant in our wide area.

We spoke to Vedat Saygili to understand how Kitchenhub service helps his restaurant. In this article, we were interested in the period before and after Kitchenhub installation, also in BAGELS N CREAM statistics and advantages that the restaurant got while using our service.

What was before KH

In the beginning, our restaurant was using 4 tablets with no printers. Each tablet had incoming orders and each order had to be handwritten on the checkbook. This was causing a major time loss and needed additional personnel just to run and follow-up orders on the tablets. As business was increasing, so we're the operating costs. From time to time, we had to shut down receiving orders as customers in line were affecting tablet's orders speed of preparation and delivery personnel was lined up waiting for orders.

When COVID-19 hit our business, our weekly business volume dropped by 70%, forcing our business to come to the edge of shutting down.

What happened when KitchenHub came?

At this time, a miracle call came in from KitchenHub. As skeptical as we were in the beginning, we gave it a try as KitchenHub promised no commitment hassle-free trial. And it worked!

At that very point kicked in and ever since the 3rd week of Covid-19, we have increased the business compare to before COVID-19 by 30% due to KitchenHub system our orders increased as we were well-organized with orders way of printing with timing details, we know how much time we have left to finish order preparations for drivers pick up.

In the last 2 months, our restaurant received a TOP AWARD from Uber Eats for best service, the best preparation, the best timely orders, and the best food quality with no complaints or order returns. In turn, our commission rates from DoorDash and Grubhub were decreased for our popularity, order volumes, and order readiness for timely deliveries to customers.

Statistics while using KitchenHub

We will start observing Bagels n' Cream statistics from March 2020. KitchenHub service was connected in late February. While Bagels started to work with us, the average number of orders a day was 15

The graph shows the growth of orders from March to September.

comparedIn April 2020, this indicator increased and was for about 37 orders a day. So, we can see some growth in the hardest time of COVID-19. The absolute increase from the first result in March compared to the result in August is 230%.

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