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Basic plan
14 days free-trial. No credit card
per location
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All-in-One annual plan
14 days free-trial
per location
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Basic plan
14 days free-trial. No credit card
per location
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All-in-One plan
14 days free-trial
per location
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Store and order management
Connect delivery apps
Manage store availability
86 menus on different channels
Orders management (accept, change prep time, modify, cancel)
Accept orders automatically
Direct connection to a printer
Promotions on receipt
Unlimited Virtual restaurants
Website ordering
Add Direct Order button to your website
Create a new restaurant website
Improve Google and Google Maps listing
Tablet (Lenovo TAB HD)
Thermal printer
(StarMicronics TSP143 or similar)
Customer success
Standard customer support
via email
Premium support 24/7 (response time less 2 min.)
Create new stores in delivery services on behalf of a customer
Helping to grow sales through all channels

Pricing FAQ

How can I get started?

You can sign up right on the site or contact our account managers to get help with connecting your business to KitchenHub.

Do I need my tablet and printer to start using KitchenHub?

You can use your own Android tablet with Starmicronics thermal printer, but we provide this hardware for free.

When trial period is started?

The trial period is started after you receiving the hardware package. Our onboarding manager will call you and help you set up the printer and the tablet and after successful set up your trial is started.

How long does it take to ship the hardware package?

Usually, it takes up to 7 days to ship a printer and a tablet to your restaurant, in some rare cases it can take a little more.

How and when can I pay?

After the trial period is over, you're going to decide, will you continue using the service or not? If yes, you can pay by Credit Card for the first month and all subsequent periods will be charged automatically.

When can I stop the subscription?

Any time, but we don't refund money for the current period. If you decided to discontinue our service, please return hardware and after this we will stop the subscription.

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