The Local Culinary

Is the first franchise model of virtual restaurants in the USA. With more than 50 different profitable brands easy to prepare and designed for delivery, increasing revenue immediately.
The local culinary

Benefits of going virtual

Earn more

Adding multiple delivery-only brands into an existing casual restaurant could conservatively add 20 to 30 percent in additional sales, some of our clients have doubled their current sales

Less risk

Since you’re using an existing location and not taking on a new lease, or even renting a new kitchen space, you’re not really incurring a high level of risk besides the investments already made in setting up your online ordering platform and website

More flexibility

Having a virtual restaurant creates a separate branded space for them to test out new concepts, menu ideas and services, all while using the same operations, staff and even ingredient

How It Works

1. Contact us

Contact us to speak with our team and check if your territory is available

2. Choose brands from the portfolio

Choose the most appropriate brands for your location. with the expertise of our team

3. ​Training on site

Get unlimited training from our staff and chefs. Our culinary team will also be onsite to guide you during the setup and soft opening

4. Start increasing your revenue

Your are ready to deliver!
Restaurant partners
The Local Culinary brings you 50 delivery-only brands
No extra rent, no extra fixtures, no extra waiters
Easy and fast to implement

Our Brands

The Local Culinary brings you 50 delivery-only brands that you can run out of your existing kitchen

The local culinary brans

KitchenHub is an integration platform that fits perfectly into the concept of virtual brands. Setup takes a few hours, and you are ready to go.

Kitchenhub and the local culinary

Special offer!
Connect 5 virtual brands from The Local Culinary and get one month for FREE

Without obligations, no setup fees, no credit card required
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“Great solution for most annoying problem for restaurants”
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