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How to create the best selling online menu

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Best selling online menu course
Did you know that you can use restaurant menu engineering tips to actually squeeze a 30% higher profit out of your current menu. This course is specially developed for delivery-only menus to work with 3rd party deliveries like: UberEats, DoorDash, GrabHub and many others.  

All our essential knowledge is a fast and easy to implement 4 weeks online course.
Menu management

What you'll learn

How to analyze your menu
Redesign your online menu
Ideas For Enhancing Your Menu
Improving your menu items
Mouthwatering images for your Menu
How to make items add-ons and define good prices

Annalisa Bartolo

If you have a restaurant and you are unhappy with online sales, this is the right course for you. Lessons are not too long, clear and easy to follow. I enjoyed it.


From 300+ Customer Reviews

Florin Zain

You are providing useful information in a short time. Everything in lesson is clear and useful. I really appreciate it. THANK YOU


From 300+ Customer Reviews

Joshua David

I'm following this course and I think it's great. I have been working in the sector for a while but now I feel the need to level up and become more professional.


From 300+ Customer Reviews

How the course will run

This is a 4 week email course divided into separate parts. Each week you will receive information to study and use in your restaurant.

Week 1

  • Menu engineering
  • Calculating Food Cost
  • Redesign your menu
  • Menu Revisions
  • Using Specials and Feature Items
  • Ideas For Enhancing Your Menu
  • Arranging Items on the Menu
  • What to-do this week

Week 2

  • Improving your menu items
  • Menu Writing Ruls

Week 3

  • What is mouth watering images
  • Hiring a Food Photographer
  • Food Photography Tips

Week 4

  • How to make items add-ons
  • Use the Power of Charm Pricing
  • Use affirmative language
  • Sell more beverages

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