Thai Farm Kitchen

Classic restaurant

Thai Farm Kitchen Seaport is a fast-paced authentic Thai restaurant located in the historic neighborhood of New York City, South Street Seaport. Thai Farm Kitchen offers contemporary Thai dining that is authentic and traditional.

We chatted with Irina Kurdiani, one of the main managers from Thai Farm Kitchen Seaport, and asked her some questions about KitchenHub advantages of using and how it was before.

How did KitchenHub help you in the beginning?

With an all-in-one platform that integrates with major delivery partners, we now save a tremendous amount of time and labor cost, while simultaneously simplifying the entire logistics, providing faster service to our customers, and avoiding mistakes. We couldn’t achieve this efficiency while working with each delivery partner separately.

What main problems did KitchenHub solve for your restaurant?

We had such a big inconvenience of working with several platforms. Connecting them through the POS didn’t help and created even more mistakes in the kitchen and with the drivers. KitchenHub solved this by smoothly integrating everything you need to perform the best and most profitable delivery business. All we need to do now is what we love and skilled at - cooking our best food. All the rest is taken care of by KitchenHub.

What are the main advantages of our service?

We love the easy and friendly user interface that gives us the possibility to manage orders, menu items, prices, business hours, and delivery zones whenever we need it.

The best feature for us, besides all the convenience, is that KitchenHub has partnered with Relay, the delivery provider that we hired to outsource the delivery. KitchenHub customer support is always accessible and eager to help with any questions. There is no better service on the market, period.

Statistics while using KitchenHub

The KitchenHub service was installed by Thai Farm Kitchen in July 2020. We will start our studies from this time and look at the growth of orders.

The number of orders when we began our work was 13,06 a day then it started slowly to increase and in October 2020, we got first impressive growth 30% from the previous month. The total growth from the business opening till mid-October is 47%, that number was reached because of optimization of the inner restaurant working process and also because of the connection between the most successful providers in the short term.

Here are some screenshots from the website:

It is essential to keep in mind that Thai Farm Kitchen started to work with us from the first day of their business opening. During this time KitchenHub connected TFK Seaport to the most popular and profitable providers: DoorDash, Grubhub and Uber Eats. Also, the website for the restaurant with an online ordering option was created.

In conclusion, to our research, we can say with confidence that KitchenHub can truly optimize your work with different providers and tablets. It helps to shorten the amount of time which is spent by restaurant and kitchen staff to keep an eye on all incoming orders. Using KitchenHub, restaurants won’t have any problems with missed orders due to the number of tablets, slow menu updates because it’s also made by KitchenHub support team. Main KitchenHub aims are to reduce the time spent on additional communication with providers and increase your orders while optimizing the process of their coming to the tablet.

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